Although the existing smartphone industry, both new and used, seems to be growing— there are certain stigmas associated with the refurbished devices which often make way for some well-perpetuated myths. However, a majority of these notions are completely irrelevant and even lack substantial levels of validation. In this discussion, we shall look at quite a few of these refurbished smartphone myths while debunking them with immediate attention. Once the myths are busted, this market is expected to grow faster; thereby rewarding the sellers and buyers, alike.

The Concept of Refurbished Mobile Phones

Before delving deeper into this discussion, it is important to understand the basics of refurbished devices and how these entities vary from the conventional pre-owned handsets. Firstly, unlike a used device that has been extensively used before being returned to the reseller, a retouched mobile is more like a new device which has been returned by the user as a change of mind or on the grounds of a minor hardware glitch. Therefore, a refurbished smartphone isn’t something that has outlived its expectancy period. Even in some cases, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these units are often as good as new. Each smartphone falling under this category is fixed, even for the smallest of issues and sold after being thoroughly tested and checked. Almost every reseller offers a sizeable discount on these phones in addition to extended warranties.

However, the following myths are still restricting the growth of this smartphone segment, especially in India:

Myth 1: Same as an Old or Used Device

Reality: As mentioned previously, there are a lot of elementary differences between a retouched and a used mobile phone. Firstly, a user device can be sold out in any possible condition and the seller isn’t expected to fix the underlining issues before handing over the same to a buyer. Therefore, it is quite common for buyers to encounter damages and scratches as well. However, the mentioned category of handsets are checked, tested, and even fixed for even the smallest of issues and it often gets hard for a layman to tell the exact difference between a refurbished unit and a new model.

Myth 2: Lack of Proper Information

Reality: A widely perpetuated myth has to be the fact that these devices are sold randomly and the buyer often stays in the dark regarding the functionality and condition of the gadgets. However, there is a segment called Certified Refurbished which most e-commerce and third-party sellers swear by. Therefore, every aspect of the device is furnished well-in-advance besides aggrading them according to the physical state. To be exact, there are Grade A devices often good as new, Grade B handsets with odd scratches, Grade C units with a few additional blemishes, and finally the Grade D mobile phones with some physical damages. In most cases, the last set of devices isn’t usually sold to the public.

Myth 3: Fake Devices

Reality: Almost every retouched unit is creditable provided the purchase is made from reliable online counters like Togofogo. Needless to say, even the new smartphone market is plagued with fakes and replicas and it wouldn’t be right to just point fingers at the refurbished industry. In order to keep the scammers at bay, buyers must always buy mobile phones from reputed sellers and that too by looking at the warranties.

Myth 4: Still Pricey

Reality: While in some cases the refurbished units come at dirt cheap prices, a majority of devices falling in this category are competitively priced. Individuals who consider retouched units costlier must understand that the certified units usually come at prices which are slashed by almost 20 to 40 percent. This actually seems like a great deal for a gadget that looks and feels like new.

Myth 5: Battery Issues Exist

Reality: As mentioned, credible sellers dealing in refurbished units check the mobile phones for irregularities, glitches, and even battery issues. Therefore, if a buyer purchases a retouched unit from a seller of repute, battery problems aren’t expected to show up. Even if they do, there are extended gadget warranties to take care of the issues.

Now when we have busted the common myths pertaining to the refurbished smartphone industry, it is important to understand that rewarding experiences are guaranteed only if buyers deal with reputed resellers. With a lot of scammers floating around, it is indispensable to cross-check the credibility of online and offline sellers before spending a substantial amount of money.