Valentine day is the mantic holiday of the year.  Planning a wedding on this day is the inspiring and thoughtful trick. It’s a perfect time to do a commitment to each other, to give promises and reading oaths to tie the knot. Decoration on a romantic day tells the story of love and affection between two. Here we include some tips and tricks for the makeover of wedding destination romantically. They are truly heart melting and touch hearts instantly.

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Attire Ideas

You are planning a wedding in the day of Valentine celebrates since 496 A.D. It is a classic wedding so you can set up the attires in the same scheme. Have some old-fashioned attires with a glance at the romance of red fabrics. For groom a black classy tuxedo with a red bow on the neck. The bride looks beautiful in a white gown with the red rose’s bouquet in arms. A heart-shaped clutch on the bride’s arms expresses the love for the groom. See to it that groomsman and bridesmaid are wearing subtle pink, white and red attires. All these are perfect to add a glimpse of romance in wedding attire.

Setting Arrangement

February is the pick time for arranging weddings. So you must plan in advance to book the secluded garden or Victorian greenhouse to make the evening arrangements. Take good advantage of winter season and use an abundance of flowers to get the heavenly decoration. Use types of pink, red and white flowers to adorn the wedding chairs, welcome arch, cake table, dinner table. Flowers fragrance genuinely set the mood for romance. Use bulk of red rose’s petals to decorate the wedding aisles. Icicle lights, candles, and matching fabrics are perfect tone for setting arrangement in valentine scheme.


Entertainment activities depend on the mood of decoration. All the settings are in the romantic scheme, play some romantic music around the wedding time. Or else call the music band to play classic romantic music to enjoy the romantic salsa for couple guests. Also, try to set up the scented candles around the table with wine glasses for the couples to enjoy the candlelight dinner. Also, try to put one note on the table to let the couple write a love note for the partner. Practically speaking it will help to illuminate the lamp of love in the couples invited in the romantic wedding.


Food is the best alternative for showing love and care for a partner. Red velvet three-tier cakes are fully adorned with rose’s petals or rose garlands. Spread red rose’s petals on the dinner table. Call for a signature cocktail of the flute of Champagne or sugar rimmed pink cocktails garnished with pomegranate seeds. Strawberries, raspberries are the special attractions for pouring romance. Chocolate covered strawberries, heart-shaped food, snacks, sips, hearty candies, heart chocolates all are the special treats to convert a simple wedding into a love spot.

 Special Touches

For a special touch, you can inspire others to fall in love by doing a creative thing. Set up one platform to attach a memorable photo and the story of how both fall in love. The couple can also write the struggles and fights they have to pay for making this wedding. Make one special corner for the guests to remark their response. For Thanksgiving, give each couple a single red rose to exchange it with partner.

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Chances are less than couples invited to this romantic wedding will not inspire the invited couples to fall in love again. It is the most special day of the bride and groom. More on valentine day makes this day heavenly romantic. Love will flush all around the ambiance of this wedding. From food to decoration to everything is set up in a romantic mood. It also delights the hearts of invited couples. Our aim is to help you in making your wedding day the most romantic wedding of the time. You can try and apply so many favorite things to let your guests know of the love between two.