The credit card is an amazing alternative to cash which helps in managing your finances well, though it can be a bit expensive and risky if not used wisely. The use of credit cards is rising due to several benefits attached to it like the ease of making payment, an important tool for improving CIBIL score etc. Different banks are offering a wide range of credit cards with amazing deals and offer meeting numerous customer needs like traveling, dining, entertainment etc. ICICI Bank is one of the leading private sector bank in India which offers different types of credit cards to cater to various needs of the customer. Some of the best uses of Icici credit cards are given below:

  • Reward Points: On using ICICI Bank credit card for the purchase of different goods and services, you earn reward points. The more you use it for purchasing the more you earn. The quantum of reward points varies across cards. You can easily redeem the reward points earned at any select partner stores.
  • Attractive Cashback: ICICI Bank credit card offers attractive cash backs on different product purchases from time to time and on some special occasions as well. The amount of cashback offer can vary for different products.
  • Travel Benefits: ICICI Bank has special offers for frequent travelers. They offer a credit card specific to the needs of a traveler on using which you get JP Miles. These JP miles helps in reducing the cost of your travel as you can redeem them for the purchase of your travel tickets.
  • Savings on Fuel Spending: ICICI Bank offers an HPCL coral card which helps its users to save on fuel spendings, as the user gets a 2.5% surcharge waiver on all the transactions above Rs. 100.

Given below is the list of top 5 credit cards and you can choose one matching your spending pattern:

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

Amongst various cards offered by ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card is one of the best cards as it carries no annual fees i.e. it is a lifetime free card. You get 2 payback points for every Rs. 100 spent using this card. With this card, you can save around 15% on your dining bills across 800 partner restaurants which are located in 12 major cities.

ICICI Coral Credit Card

ICICI Bank Coral Card is another one of the best credit cards. It comes with a nominal joining and annual fee of Rs. 500. This card offers a bunch of benefits like you can save around 15% on dining bills across more than 2500 partner restaurants. Additionally, every month you get 2 complimentary movie tickets from BookMyShow under buy one get one offer. If you spend Rs 1.5 lakh and above using a credit card your next year annual fee is waived off.

ICICI Ferrari Platinum Credit Card

If you are a die-hard fan of Ferrari then ICICI Bank Ferrari Platinum Credit Card is the one for you. This card has an annual fee of Rs. 499. On using this card for purchases on online Ferrari store, you get amazing discounts on all Ferrari merchandise. Along with the discount, you get two complimentary domestic air lounge access quarterly. Your next year’s annual fee is waived off if you spend Rs. 1,25,000 in a year.

ICICI Unifare Metro Card

This card has dual benefits of a smart card and a credit card. This card has an auto recharge facility which saves you from the need of standing in long queues. On every auto recharge transaction, you get 8 payback points. If you are putting up in Delhi, you get 10% discount on Delhi metro fare and in case you are living in Mumbai, you get 20% discount on the metro fare. If you commute daily via metro then you can apply for this card.

ICICI Jet Coral Card

If you are frequent flyer i.e. you travel a lot then you can apply for ICICI Jet Coral Card. Amongst various jet credit cards offered by ICICI Jet Coral Card has the lowest annual and joining fee in comparison to other travel cards. To avail this card, you are required to pay a joining fee of Rs. 1250. If you use this card on jet airways, you get 6 JP miles on every Rs. 100 spent. Additionally, you get 1250 JP miles annual on card renewal.

Besides the above-mentioned ICICI Bank Credit Cards, there are some other cards too. You can check and compare credit card features annual fee charges online through an aggregator. After that, you can select any card matching your interests and apply for it through them only.

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