Top 10 Apps To Boost Your Productivity In 2018

In today’s day and age, everyone is looking for smarter ways to do things and enhance their overall productivity. From increasing their work hours to consolidating assignments into shorter and simpler tasks, one can do a lot of things to ensure that they perform at their best. Another great way to boost overall productivity in today’s tech world is to rely on Smartphone and desktop apps that help you do things better than before and in no time at all. And, obviously, you will be able to achieve better results overall.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best apps around to boost your productivity in 2018.

  1. Alarmy

One of the best morning alarm apps for Android and iOS, Alarmy gives you a quick wakeup call in the morning and allows you to boost your productivity by utilizing the most productive hours of the day when your mind is fresh and ready to take the plunge. Alarmy isn’t similar to any other casual alarm app that you can put to snooze and then forget about it. It ensures that the alarm continues to ring until you perform a certain task to turn it off. For instance, you either have to snap a picture of an already registered object such as your washroom mirror or perform a math calculation to turn the alarm off. You can also combine it with online alarm tools like to make a perfect combo and ensure that you’re never late from work and also do not miss important deadlines.

  1. Trove

Trove is a perfect solution to put your emails in order and ensure that you respond to them in a timely manner. The app offers insights into your inbox while focusing more on ensuring that the important emails do not slip by. There’s a “Radar” section in the app which flags important emails that need to be answered while also encouraging you to ‘nudge’ everyone who hasn’t replied to your requests. There is also a “Connect” tab that can be used for tracking connections you have with others.

  1. Things

The app comes with all the powerful features that you need to be more productive. With its latest version now available, the app gives you different views of the tasks that you have to accomplish like “upcoming”, “today” and “this evening”. Besides, the app breaks different tasks into several smaller chunks and assigns a heading to each of them while allowing you to manage more tasks than ever quite easily. The deep-linking mechanism of the app allows you to connect your to-do lists with different other apps as well. This will increase pre-booking with software.


  1. Quip

If one major problem your team has to face is wasting lots of important time on copy/pasting data into different important emails, you can use Quip as your solution. It’s a collaborative document editor that came up with its apps platform recently and turned it into a central hub for the analytics charts, planning boards, drawings, polls, spreadsheets and status bars. It is free to use but if you want to bring your team of coworkers on it then you’ll have to pay a certain fee.

  1. Blink

Is your productivity getting affected by those highly complex task managers? Well, if that’s the case, you need to check Blink, an app that strips out everything else other than the essentials. You can see all the tasks in a single stream which you can then highlight and rearrange. There’s an option for setting repeating reminders rather than due dates which you’ll forget about inevitably.

  1. Notability

A wonderful app for the iPad Pro users when it comes to taking notes using Apple Pencil primarily because the app can synchronize the recorded audio using handwritten notes. It allows you to look over a lecture or interview and listen to everything that was happening while you wrote. It’s also quite a powerful tool for annotation and drawing particularly with the drag/drop as well as Files app integration to move PDF files in iOS 11.

  1. Affinity Photo

If you are looking for something that is pretty much similar to the popular Photoshop app, Affinity Photo can provide you with something really close to that as it offers same RAW image support, layer-based editing tools, and lots of retouch brushes which actually made Photoshop popular. The app is also available on iPad with a complete feature-rich version.

  1. Camera-M

If you are looking for something for times when the camera algorithms of Apple do not know what is best, you can rely on Camera-M that offers you all the manual control you need over focus, white balance and exposure. The app supports minimally compressed HEIF and RAW formats. Besides, it can take telephoto and wide-angle shots simultaneously on dual-lens iPhones.

  1. Otter

Otter is your app for better transcribing. Rather than spending hours on transcribing your recorded conversations, Otter will automatically do it for you. It may not be possible for you to get a perfect transcript, however, it’s still possible for you to listen to your audio and do a bit of cleaning in the desired sections. Otter really is an invaluable app for finding lots of wisdom that is usually buried deep in lectures and interviews.

  1. Parallels Toolbox

If you love desktop computing, Parallels Toolbox provides you with lots of ways of speeding up different common tasks. You can use it to download online videos, silence notification, launch several apps just with a single click, archive bulk files, and prevent your computer screen from sleeping. Some new tools have also been added both to Windows and Mac platforms and everything is covered by the $20 yearly subscription of the app.

So, whether you are looking for something that can help boost your overall productivity on your smartphone or you want something that can make it work for you on your Mac, you can rely on the apps above to ensure that you bring the best out of yourself and your team. Each of these apps has their own set of unique productivity features and they’re really going to help.