These Amazing Foods An Make Your Train Journey Full Of Fun

Are you traveling with Indian Railways? Then, these are the foods that can turn your boring train journey into an exciting one. Train Journey If you are traveling to place for a vacation, you are already excited. But, if it is your office trip, and you know you have to work harder once you reach your destination, the train journey seems longer than ever. Foods are the thing that always makes you happy. Even if you are on a vacation, a train journey of two-days is really monotonous. Why don’t you try the food items that are available at stations or the vendors are selling? Yes, those can uplift your mood instantly. Another amazing thing is, if you are traveling from a state to another, you can taste the local food items which are the specialty of that place. For example, if you are traveling through Maharashtra, you can buy batata vada from the vendors on the train. Now, let’s have a look at the amazing items that you can have while traveling by train-

  1. Batata Vada

You can go for train food parcel, but you will forget about that food if you get this one. If you are traveling through Maharashtra, you will get vendors calling ‘batatavada’ in their unique tone. Most of you have already tried it and know how nice it tastes. If you haven’t tried ever, go for munching some and see how your journey turns interesting.

Train Journey

  1. Poha

What you get while traveling through Madhya Pradesh is definitely not the one you have at home. This is a snack item that is topped with nuts, sev, chopped veggies, curd and lots of other spices. If you are traveling for more than one day, this can be a great breakfast for you. This is also a healthy option for you.

  1. Aloo Poori

This is quite common in maximum rail stations. What is different is the taste. In Bengal, you will get stuffing of pea with potato within the ‘poori’ while in any stations of Rajasthan, it is too spicy. Aloo Poori is mainly North Indian delicacy. Usually, it is served with potato curry and chutney. You will love this chutney as it also tastes different in different places.

  1. Petha

Are you crossing Uttar Pradesh, especially Agra Junction? Then you should not miss this dessert. Yes, without Petha, your train journey will be boring then. After a spicy lunch or breakfast, you can have this dish to boost up your taste buds.

Train Journey

  1. Murukku

If North India has its own style of train foods, South India is not far away. Why don’t you try Murukku while you are at Chennai Station? This is a local snack of Chennai which is readily available at platforms. Enjoy it with your evening tea while traveling.

So, here are only a few types of foods that you can try while traveling by train. And above all, you will definitely get plenty of tea and coffee during the journey. Enjoy!