The gaming world has a cross long way, but with advanced technology, the gaming world has been changed completely. Even some of them are unbelievable like facial recognition, gesture control and many more. Let’s take a look at the best advancement in gaming.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition and 3D scanning let you create the avatar of yours that looks like you in the gaming world. Even you can transfer the expressions also. The Intel RealSense™ 3D camera can scan a person’s face from 78 different points and pick the emotions of the gamers. For example, a few expressions at your game screen shows that you are nearby to the difficulty in the game.

Amazing Graphics

We have come so far from 8-bit graphics, and at present, for gaming, we can pick even 12 gigabytes of video RAM.  This advancement in gaming gives the new world to the gamers. One can fill like they are in the real world. The high quality of video gives the feel like you are in the real world of the game.

Voice Recognition

If you don’t like to go to the controller, then the voice recognition can do it for you. This dream come true technology has the potential to recognize the voice command properly. With it, you can use the voice command to control your game, on-off the console, communication and play selection from your library. With the game you can also use it to search the web, chatting while gaming, etc.

Gesture Control

Again with it, you can get rid of the controller. The Intel RealSense technology detects your hand movement and lets you play the shooting games. You can use it for PUBG game download.  Using a 3D camera Intel RealSense technology scan your hand from 22 different points and allow the user to take all over control of the game via gesture only. You can also play PUBG on Mac.

HD Displays

With good graphics, you need a place to show them, and here Ultra 4K display for gaming plays its role. No one beat the color and clarity of it. Though the price of TV and Laptop with the 4K screen are hefty. At this point, the prices are continuously declined.

Augmented Reality

If you are not interested in the virtual world of the gaming, then you can pick the games based on augmented reality that is based on the reality of the world. Not limited to the pc or laptop but it can also let you think beyond the common perception. It is almost the realistic games like solve the puzzle by solving all the obstacles from your home or join the pipes to pass the water from one end to another end of the pipe.

Virtual Reality

As this is the beginning of the New Year, most of the advance games and console are not released yet. They will design with fully immersive gaming experience which is not experienced before and before you come to reality, you have already lost yourself in the gaming world.