SEO Tools That Will Boost The Performance Of Your WordPress Site

Most websites derive their website traffic from search engines. However, hardly anyone clicks beyond the first page while searching the material they are looking for. This means that if you want your potential consumers to view your website, you have to ensure that it gets listed on the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Though one may be aware of myriad content marketing strategies, surveys carried out by various digital marketing institutions and companies have stressed how search engine tools perform better than social media optimization techniques. Search engine tools, also called SEO tools, are not limited to publishing quality content, earning backlinks from reliable sources and inserting quality keywords at a particular frequency and density. Any popular digital marketing agency in Delhi that you approach will guide you to the following SEO tools that can help augment your marketing and SEO efforts include:


Do your marketing tools fare than that of your competitors? Where do you lack in terms of strategy and growth? These and many other questions get answered as you use the SEMRush tool to gauge the performance of your site with the help of reports that assess the quantum and frequency of traffic flowing to your site in addition to the keyword rankings. One can also check which sites the keywords are performing better than others to evaluate their relevance and significance.

SEO Tools

Google Keyword Planner:

How to use keywords is a tactic unknown to many. Stuffing keywords is definitely not a wise move to optimize your search results. This tool helps SEO services specialists to find out the keywords that people are looking for most frequently, thus, inspiring new and innovative ideas of campaign creation. This tool comes for free, but users have to sign up for an AdWords account if they wish to use it.

Keyword Tool:

You understand the significance of keywords, but somehow, are not able to pinpoint at the exact keywords that will pump up the popularity of your website. For beginners, this tool inevitably helps you track the most sought after keywords and generates keyword ideas by typing in a probable keyword in the search engine. While the Google autocomplete tool helps find the most popular keywords that potential customers look for, using the Keyword Tool, in addition, helps to optimize the site.

WordPress SEO:

This tool continues to be consumers’ favorite as evident in the number of times its consumers have downloaded it. Digital marketing specialists swear by it terming it as one of the greatest SEO tools among all. This tool provides for all your online SEO needs including the keywords to be used in SEO titles, words to be used in meta descriptions, and the meta keywords that must be used in every page of your WordPress site. Also, whenever you choose to update your site, it will add the Open Graph meta data, Twitter Cards, and ping search engines.

SEO Quake:

This is one of the important tools to make your digital marketing strategy successful. However, this analytics tool can be used for Firefox and Chrome (and Opera). With the help of this tool, one can view reports based on various parameters. This tool not only helps you understand how your site is performing but its status when contrasted with that of your competitors.

Broken Link Checker:

Tired of broken links that ruin your site’s SEO rankings? Using this tool will get you rid of unnecessary hassles that you face because of broken links. This not only helps check the various posts and pages on your website but also the comments made by your followers. In addition, it checks the content published and shared for broken links and missing images.

SEO Tools


What do you do when you find broken links on your website? You try to repair them. LinkPatrol does the same by helping website owners fix and repair the broken links on their sites. In addition, this tool helps monitor outgoing links, thus, making it easy to get rid of the outdated and broken ones. If your website is run by multiple people, say, authors, then it also allows the advantages of organizing links based on authors’ names, thus, allowing links to be controlled by their contributors and their linking habits.

Open Site Explorer:

Do you want to know what your competitor is doing? Are you inclined to possess the data pertaining to another domain name? This tool can help you develop a high-quality inbound link profile by checking the anchor texts they are using. This will help you understand the sources with whom they are linking their domain to apart from finding out details of their top pages that are liked or evaluating the pages linked to their sites, etc.


Having a WordPress site and posting relevant and necessary content on it is not enough. In this era of digital optimization, where each website is trying to carve a market space of its own, it is important to use the right SEO tools that will not give your WordPress website the necessary recognition, but also improve its page rankings across any search engine.

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