Sporting the perfect beard on the face has never been an easy task to accomplish. However, since there has been a lot of things said and written about how important, fashionable and emotional a bearded face can be, it is time to get the perfect looking beard on the face. Keeping this in mind, you will find loads of beard products available both over the counter as well as on the online portals. However, one cannot be sure about which products to use right in the first instance and hence, a proper guide is required. So, if you no longer wish to carry the clean-shaved or stubble face and want to sport the perfect beard, here are some quick tips which would help you get the beard look on.

Initiate it

Sometimes, the most difficult task in the initial stage of the beard growth is starting it. Most of the people who grow their beard for the first time aren’t very sure of how it would eventually pan out to be. The first week could go very bad as whenever you look in the mirror, it might look a tad odd. So the tip here is, initiate it and let the first week go by.

Beard Oil with Almond & Thyme

Feels weird, right?

After around a week, the chin area, where the hair is densest, may get itchy. You may end up scratching the beard more often than you would expect. Hence, this is the time when you may be tempted to just shave it off and try again the next time. But trust me, the next time might never come. So no matter how much itchy the beard becomes, it is very important to hang on. The itchiness is the just temporary phase and should subside in a couple of days.

Comb it

Combing the beard is extremely important right at the start of the spree. If you have curly beard hair, you would be needing to comb it regularly so that they can grow on a fixed style and not go noodles. However, you need to buy a dedicated comb for your beard, which should be preferably made of wood. The Beard Comb, made with neem wood, would make for the perfect option for a start.

Beard Comb

Invest in beard care products

Once you have got into the groove of sporting a bearded face and have already grown a half decent length, it is time to get some beard products into the kit. There are many such products that could be the perfect match for it.

Beard wash: Also known as beard shampoo, this product is very important for cleaning and adding the essential nutrients. They are made with natural ingredients that would be immensely beneficial for you.

Beard oil: You will be needing a beard oil once it has grown to a decent length. Normally, when you grow a long beard, the skin beneath is affected and necessary nutrients cannot be provided. In fact, if you live in a dry or cool region, the skin tends to dry off, causing beardruff. Under such circumstances, a beard oil works as the savior. They have all the necessary nutrients and much more to keep the hair and the skin away from drying and fed with everything essential. Try the Beard Oil with Almond & Thyme and see the difference.

Try it once!

Beard gives men a lot of self-satisfaction and positivity besides the symbol of masculinity. However, for many people, the beginning stage is the most difficult phase and requires a lot of patience and self-determination. Once you have got through the initial stage, the rest would go easy and smooth.