Never Set up Password Before iOS 12 Update? Try Default Password

If before upgrading your device, you never had a passcode then there is a possibility that trying the default code could work for you. The restriction code is automatically set by the latest iOS update. The new update comes locked and is persistent in its request that you input a passcode before you are granted access to the device.It is possible that the default code is what it requires for you to be given access to the device. So, you should input 123456 or 000000which is the default code. This should get you access, that is if you never set any passcodes prior to updating your iPhone.If it works, then you should reset the passcode to something you are familiar with. If not, then continue reading. There is a solution still.

2 Try to Force Restart Your iPhone

If the default code didn’t work for you, then you should try force restarting your iPhone. In some situations, it is called a hard reset. A forced restart of your device should solve any of the hiccups that could result in the requirement of a passcode to get access to your device. However, different iPhones have different ways to go about this. Newer versions are a bit more complicated than the older ones.

iOS 12

  • On iPhone X/8/8 Plus: Quickly press the Volume Up button and release it, quickly press the Volume Down button and release it, and long press the Side button until you see the Apple logo.
  • On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the Power and Volume Download buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo.
  • On iPhone 6 and earlier: Long press the Power and Home buttons together when the Apple logo appears.

The forced restart can help reorient your device and restore normalcy. But if it doesn’t, then continue reading.

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