We bought a house in a great neighborhood with schools, hospitals and the gym nearby. Renovating My Home I was particular that a gym should be near the house we buy and this house ticked all our requirements. We did a few changes to the house and moved in. Everything was fine for a few years, we made quite a lot of friends in the neighborhood and we would socialize on weekends with them. A lot of them would rave about the house we had bought and the nice changes that we had done to it. Few of them would comment that they needed to renovate their homes to match our house and I would laugh it off, though I was proud from the inside.

It so happened that a new owner had redone his home and was now the center of attraction. We wanted to get back our prominence in the neighborhood and we decided to renovate our home. Earlier, we were staying somewhere else while the work was going on in our house but now the renovation was happening with us staying and let me tell you it is not an easy task. Firstly we had to shift furniture from one room to another so that the workers could work without problems. After doing this for a few days, I took a decision which really helped us and that was to rent storage units Sacramento and place the furniture there. This way there was more space for movement and the work continued without any problems.

Renovating My Home


I also learned that if you have kids at home or if you have pets, please do not start any renovation. Ideally, you should stay at some other place like a hotel or friend’s house with your kids and pets and let the work go on. Managing the kids when the work is on is tough, really tough. My Labrador would rush into the room where the work was going on, though the workers would be really nice to the dog, I would be stressed because of the many sharp objects that could harm the dog unknowingly. I had to keep the door closed at all times. Additionally, you should be prepared to stay with dust. Dust seeps in everywhere even if you keep everything closed. If your kids are allergic to dust you should move away immediately. You can come back when the work is done.

The most important lesson I learned was that I did not need to be there when the work was done, once the contract was given, I had to just move away and let them do the work rather than micromanage them.