Mobile Tech Employee Training Checklist

It’s one huge task when it comes to training your small business staff on how to use a new mobile app. But what about mobile technology in general? Sometimes mobile app resellers are the best ones to go through the training and teach clients how to take advantage of mobile tech, but other times the business owners are best suited to get through to the employees. A mobile app is one piece of the puzzle, considering you should also be using apps and mobile pages like Facebook, Yelp, Google Business, Instagram and more. All of these intertwine with the regular business app, generating customer feedback, interaction, sales and leads.
When and How to Train Employees
All small businesses have training procedures with new employees, so this is the best time to incorporate information about how your company uses mobile technology. Create a segment of the training made just for this purpose, and specify how important understanding mobile tech is to their work. As for previously hired staff, we recommend setting aside a few hours to walk all of them through the world of mobile commerce. Whether it’s after work, before work or even if you have to close up shop for a few hours. This shows them that you’re serious about the mobile app and all of its elements.
Checklist for Training Staff on Mobile Technology


1. Understanding Business Search Apps

The Ultimate Mobile Tech Employee Training Checklist

Small business are often found on places like Facebook, Yelp and Google. In fact, you might find that the vast majority of the people who come into your store have found you on these apps. Therefore, your employees should be invited to view all of these pages and see exactly how your business is represented online. This not only shows them what the customers are seeing, but the employees can give suggestions on how to improve the business profiles.

2. Social Media Interaction

The Ultimate Mobile Tech Employee Training Checklist

You might not use all social media apps for your business, but apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all need to be understood by the staff. How often does your business post? What type of content is shared? The reason behind your staff knowing about social media is because they’re the ones that will find interesting pictures, products and events to share. They’re on the front lines, so you need to use them for the fun social media content.

3. Apps for Reviews

The Ultimate Mobile Tech Employee Training Checklist

Some of the review apps overlap with social media and business search apps. However, there are far more niche review apps that come into play for establishing your business’ reputation. Yelp and Facebook are the big ones, but you should look at more industry-specific apps like OpenTable, Zocdoc and AngiesList. Some of your employees might end up responding to the reviews, while the others can take reviews as feedback when delivering customer service.

4. Discounts Through Mobile Apps

If you’re planning on sharing coupons and deals online, your staff has to know when they go out. Even an email newsletter with a coupon attached is going to make its way into your physical store or punched into your online store. The same goes for apps like Groupon and Yelp, seeing as how the staff is not going to know about these until you tell them. Customer service fails if a customer brings in a coupon and your cashier has no idea what it is.

5. Payment Apps

From mobile commerce to POS systems, payment apps are becoming more prevalent with small businesses. Some companies run entirely on iPads and swipers, making it essential to train your staff on how to use them.

 Employee Training

6. Your Small Business App

The Ultimate Mobile Tech Employee Training Checklist

Most of your training should focus on your uniquely branded business app. The whole point of an app is to bring in more customers, so your staff needs to hear about the features, play around with the app and understand their role in the whole process. Should they expect more bookings or reservations through a mobile form? Are there going to be more calls through a click-to-call button? Maybe you want some of your employees to share coupons and respond to message board comments.
Is Your Staff Trained on Mobile Tech?
Now’s the time to get started! If you haven’t trained your employees on mobile technology, take this list to get the ball rolling. It shouldn’t take that long, and most staffers are eager to learn about something new, especially when it comes to technology. Joe Warnimont is a freelance tech writer who enjoys playing around with WordPress and his personal Write With Warnimont blog. When not testing new apps and gadgets, he’s brushing up on his German or riding his bike in Chicago.