Looking For Best Fashionable CrossFit Shoes?

Do you CrossFit? Looking for the best CrossFit shoes? You’ve come to the right place. Most people starting CrossFit screw around with the wrong shoes. It’s all good. I was one of them. For so long, I was using an old pair of running shoes. I’m a pretty frugal guy. Then when that pair crapped out, I had no choice but to pick up something new. The frugal part of me started kicking in. I thought getting another pair of running shoes off the clearance rack was the way to go. But no. Not this time. All my friends at the box suggested the usual brands. I thought they were being silly. Drinking all that Kool-Aid nonsense. I bit the bullet. I took that leap of faith and dropped the cash on a sweet pair of Reebok Crossfit 5.0. And the rest is history.

My WOD’s Were So Much Better Thanks to the Nano 5.0s

They’re perfect for everything. Running. Squats. Cleans. Snatches. Burpees. No need to buy several pairs of shoes for your CrossFit workouts. It was like a dream come true.

CrossFit Shoes

Squats Have Never Been the Same

Okay, I’m HUGE on form with my squats. It was the first thing I learned well when it comes to weightlifting. Thanks to CrossFit, I was able to reach another level with squats – back squats, front squats, and even the damn overhead squats. To think I’m someone so focused on a form that I was cheaping out on shoes for so long. Running shoes ARE NOT meant for squat. Nope. They usually have that really squishy heel that makes squatting a nightmare. Potentially very dangerous. Luckily I didn’t have those Shoes that a lot of people have. Imagine squatting in a pair of those. It’s like your feet are constantly moving throughout the whole movement. The first WOD I used them, we had front squats. Front squats were tough for me at first, mainly because of my rack flexibility, and also the stability of my feet. I just had no idea at the time that was a huge issue. It was because of the shoes I used. I’ll never forget that moment. Had the bar on my shoulders. Was about 185# for a few reps. Dropped into the bottom of my front squat, and wow…coming up was a really new experience. I felt very stable and stronger. Yep, I felt stronger. I didn’t “get stronger” because of the shoes, but that added stability I was missing this whole time gave me that necessary push in my front squat.

CrossFit Shoes

Then and there, I realized I was doing it wrong…FOR SO LONG. Hey, better late than never, right? Running shoes are great for…running. But for CrossFit, you need shoes that work all around…unless you plan on carrying around 2 or 3 pairs depending upon what you have for your workouts. It was really an eye-opening experience to actually using a pair of solid, best Cross Training shoes. Thrusters were great with these shoes. For once, I’d feel confident in the movement since my feet wouldn’t be moving around whenever I’d be going up and down with that bar. I felt secure. I felt really strong. Much stronger.

I’ll admit these shoes did take time to adjust to, especially coming from running shoes that had a lot of cushioning and padding. For example, double unders were kind rough at first. These shoes, with less padding, put more strain on my calves. But it’s all good. My calves are so much stronger now. Running also took some time to adjust as well. It helped when I stopped to heel striking when running. I’ve been focusing more on “pose running” so these shoes haven’t been a problem with running since. Like with the double unders, running in these shoes has definitely improved my calve strength.