Long-term travel is one of the most exciting opportunities that many yearn for in our lives because traveling is eye-opening, LONG TERM TRAVEL incredible and wonderful. To avoid mistakes that may ruin your awesome long-term travel, a blend of planning, flexibility, optimism, and pragmatism is highly required. One of the long-term mistakes to be avoided is leaving the visa application to be the last task. Its highly recommended that once you have confirmed countries you will be traveling, start visa application as soon as possible as it takes invariably longer depending on the country’s terms and conditions.

Another long-term mistake to be avoided is failing to go to a travel clinic for a categorical advice, some countries require that before you are allowed to travel there, you need to be vaccinated for some infectious diseases. Hence you need to start early as some vaccinations take longer to complete. Precise budgeting is also key when planning for a long-term travel hence inappropriate budgeting is a long-term travel mistake that should be avoided. Set aside a budget and be highly disciplined, be in control of your finances and don’t allow finances to control you.


Overpacking is another common mistake to be avoided during long-term travel, dressing for every occasion is highly tempting and if not kept in check can lead to traveling with a large baggage which is so inconveniencing and also can attract unnecessary high baggage fees. Travel Insurance is also highly recommended when scheduling for a long-term travel as it can come into play when your baggage gets sent to another country or city. The travel insurance will compensate you hence covering the already incurred travel expenses trip. Some travel insurances also cater for emergency medical expenses if your own medical cover can’t be used outside your country. Hence not buying a travel insurance is a long-term travel mistake to be avoided.

Time in between flights can be very unpredictable hence not allocating ample time in between your flights is a travel mistake that can be highly avoided. Due to unavoidable circumstances, you can be over delayed at one travel destination hence it’s highly recommended to book putting this into consideration as a safe buffer in between. Informing your credit card company of your travel plans is a must due to the fact that some credit card companies flag transactions in case of credit card fraud and may freeze your account. Not informing your credit card company is a long-term travel mistake to be avoided. Many people forget to rent storage units Rancho Cucamonga and keep their belongings in the storage unit before the trip. Storage units are a cheaper option when compared to paying rent for a house in which you are not staying as you would be traveling.