After your retirement as a veteran, it is not unlikely if you are looking for employment again. But, switching from a job of military service to a civilian can be quite challenging for you. Therefore, it is essential to prepare well for the interview before you apply for a particular job. It is okay to feel nervous and anxious before the interview but you must grasp some proper interviewing technique which will benefit you while getting a job. As a veteran, you already have years of expertise, leadership qualities and skills, discipline, and hardworking ability, which are the central traits required by an organization in their employees. But, in the interview, you need to convince your employer that you can put all these skills to test and serve the company for the better. Therefore, you need to master interview strategies for veterans that will help you to ace the job interview and get recruited.

Before appearing for the job interview, make sure you know the company and the job responsibilities well. Update your resume with a complete picture of your experience and add some contact of potential reference with whom you have worked before.


Some of the best interview strategies for veterans are discussed below.

  1. Dress well: Your first impression definitely matters when you appear for an interview. Do not put on military attire, but wear smart formals which makes you look sharp and ready to work in a professional civilian atmosphere.
  2. Avoid using military language: When you appear for civilian jobs, avoid speaking about your ranks in the interview. Rather, see what attribute of yours matches with the requirement of the company. Talk about those attributes of yours in length so that the employers consider you to be fit for the job.
  3. Highlight your skills: If you have worked in any project during your service or you were a part of any training program, talk about it in the interview. Share your experiences which are unique and will help you get an edge over the others.
  4. Emphasize your focus and dedication: While applying for a job, employers wish to test how much the candidate is passionate about the job. Let your interviewers know how passionate and loyal you were to your service and to your countrymen. This will obviously give them a feeling that you will be loyal to the organization as well.
  5. Describe your Success Story: It is very common in interviews that your employers will ask you about your past experiences. As a veteran, you have already lived a life which is challenging and filled with hardships. So, as you discuss your past experiences, make sure you highlight stories which were filed with obstacles but you have covered them successfully. Talk about your goals, how you have achieved them and what other hardships you had to go through which you successfully overcame. An employer will never overlook your preparedness and dedication towards the task.
  6. References: When you appear for the interview, do not forget to highlight your references. That will make your resume look impressive and will benefit your recruitment process.

By following these strategies, you can definitely get the job you want!