India What to Do and See in New Delhi

New Delhi is the new destination of my world tour.  New Delhi is a surprising city with several historic buildings listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Between its narrow streets of Old Delhi, its beautiful and colorful bazaars and its new subway, New Delhi is a city to visit.

New Delhi: The story of a city that has become the capital of India

New Delhi, the capital of India has 250,000 inhabitants. But New Delhi is a municipality. And this municipality has 250,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, the whole of Territory of Delhi counts more than 16 million inhabitants (for information Paris intramural it gives X inhabitants). And if you count the agglomeration the figure goes up to 25 million inhabitants. That’s almost 43% of the French population that would be in New Delhi! Surprisingly, New Delhi is a very young city in the end. Indeed, it is part of cities such as Brasilia that was created by the will of men in the twentieth century. It was a British move to change the location of the former capital of the British Empire in India at that time in Calcutta. The idea here is to have a city with a more central position. The construction of the city was announced March 22, 1911, and was inaugurated on February 13, 1931. New Delhi is a young city, this is not the case of Delhi which was capital of several Indian empires, including the Sultan of Delhi and the Mughal Empire (1649-1857). This last empire will leave several buildings of its presence that you will have the great pleasure to visit. It is also thanks to the Mughal Empire that we have the chance to visit the Taj Mahal. And yes it was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan!

What to do and see in New Delhi

It will take you three or four days to visit the main sites of Delhi. Especially if the thermometer climbs steeply. Just before the monsoon in April-May temperatures can exceed 40 ° c. In this case, prefer visits very early in the morning and in the evening.

Swaminarayan Akshardham

The Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is beautiful! A visit of more than 4 hours awaits you. You will be able to admire one of the temples of India most decorated with bas-reliefs in stone resembling lace, hundreds of statues and large spaces. Some tourists will tell you that this place is breathtaking and it is true that it is impressive. There are notably impressively clean gardens, wide avenues, video rooms that explain the site, puppets, jets of water, walks on the water. A visit that will amaze more than one. The cherry on the cake, in principle on Tuesdays and Fridays there is even a sound show and light. And in addition, the temple is FREE! To start the temple is really not easy to find (see the board part to visit New Delhi) but most of all did not like the security service at all. Prohibition to come with the camera. You are searched countless times before returning. If the temple is very pretty especially from outside and at nightfall, find that the interior is very sanitized. Some tourists even talk about an amusement park or Disneyland Indian temples! Inaugurated in 2015 some parts of the temple already have evidence of wear.

New Delhi

Humayun’s tomb

The Mughal Empire did not go out without a trace. This site is simply a proof of the greatness of the Mogul but also of their knowledge. There is an architecture that touches on perfection. The balance of shapes, the balance of colors and overall.

Safdarjung Tomb

Like Humayun’s Tomb, this place is an architectural achievement. Here too, the knowledge of the Mongols is breathtaking. For those who have not yet visited the Taj Mahal, Humayun’s Tomb gives you the first example of Mogol art and style. Is everything perfect? The park that around also deserves a stop, it is huge but above all you are quiet. And the quiet places in New Delhi can be counted on the number of one hand.

Jasma Masjid Mosque

Jasma Masjid Grand Mosque for a small visit. And this “little visit” turned into a 2-hour visit is definitely worth a visit, just for its architecture and size! This place very beautiful and very well done. But what about the crowd, people who cross each other. Some adults sleep on the floor. It’s as if all India had made an appointment here, you can see people going to pray, but also the sick, the disabled, the poor. An incredible moment in emotion. For months this visit is to be absolutely in New Delhi.

This Mosque is in Old Delhi. You can also ride in one of the minarets with a breathtaking view of Delhi!

Jasma Masjid Mosque

Qutb Minar

The Qutb Minar is one of the symbols of New Delhi. As soon as you arrive at the New Delhi airport you see it in a photo. And you find it in the picture on the subway tokens of New Delhi. It is also by this means of transport that you will be able to go because the site is a little out of the center of the city so sprawling New Delhi. This is a beautiful minaret surrounded by a beautiful park. This place is steeped in history. Just the minaret, the latter is 73m high! The material for its construction was brick. Just next door you can see part of a 13th-century mosque intact. Many guides await you to tell you the beauty of the place. Explore Delhi through Maharaja Express train which is the famous luxury train.


Come late in the day when the sun goes down. The yellow-orange colors of the sunset will then illuminate the site. Some buildings are over 1500 years old! Beautiful sculptures in the image of the bas-reliefs of Angkor. Alas, the entrance is not free. Before planning your trip, check out the Maharajas Express train fares. This is the least we can say, 500 rupees the entrance and without a guide.