As writers, there are three things you always try to have command over. The first is your thoughts. Grammar Mistakes The better your ideas, the impressive your blog will be. The second is your sentence articulation. How you present those ideas into words is the art of writing. If your ideas are groundbreaking but the choice of words is poor, the readers shall not be impressed. And the last but certainly not the least is your grammar. Often times you will have writers present great ideas and with wisely-chosen vocabulary but they will not have impressive grammar. Grammar is what holds your thoughts and words together. Without grammar, your word pyramid is frail.

As much as grammar is important, it has to be the easiest of three to improve. It only takes little time and dedication. Here are 7 ways you can improve your grammar.

  1. Read, read, read

Reading has to be the easiest and effortless way to go about improving your grammar. And it doesn’t have to be boring at all. You can read anything of your choice as long as it is in English. However, we did recommend that you start with fiction (novels) and move on to newspapers. Reading will automatically register new vocabulary and correct forms of grammar in your brain.

Grammar Mistakes

  1. Read out loud

We are mentioning this in a separate point so that we can emphasize the importance of it. You don’t always get your grammar right just because you theoretically know the correct form of it. A lot of times you know the correct form of grammar because that just sounds right. This is because your ear is trained to identify certain sounds that it associates with the idea of correct grammar. You can train your ears to do that by reading out loud. This does not need a lot of time on a daily basis. Trust us, even 10 minutes are more than enough if you remain consistent in your struggle.

  1. Netflix and chill

Another way to train your ear to correct forms of grammar is to watch a lot of movies. News and other YouTube video content in English also count. We understand it is difficult to encounter people who are native English speakers around you but movies and news are your second best alternative.

  1. Revise the basics

At school, you are taught grammar from an early stage. This early start helps you develop the habit of using it correctly. When you get rusty with grammar, it is always a good idea to go back and start with the basics. You can search up grammar practice lessons for 5th graders and work on them. Try to spot your mistakes at a basic level and then build it on forward.

Grammar Mistakes

  1. Practice

Grammar is not a theory that you can just cram. It is a topic that requires your constant attention and practice. The more you practice, the better you get at it. One way to do that will be used online test to check your skills. There are websites that will tell you, after taking some tests, the topics you are particularly weak in. You can work on forward from there. Spot your mistakes. Another way to practice would be to make placards of various grammar concepts and revise them frequently.

  1. Write

Once you have command over the basic theoretical concepts of grammar, you need to start writing. Writing, speaking, and understanding is your ultimate goal when you are trying to practice grammar. You don’t need to write pages and pages of essays to practice. Even if you are writing 100 words a day, those should be more than enough. Start small but remember that the key to success is to consistency.

  1. Install a grammar checker

A grammar checker is a tool that identifies and corrects grammar in a given text. There are many grammar checkers you will be able to spot online. Install one of them both on your phone and laptop. Whether you are busy texting someone or writing a blog post, your grammar checker will always be at your rescue. Grammar checkers are life saviors in the professional world. If you are still learning grammar but also working with a client or a desk job, you will be inevitably writing emails and presentations. Especially as a writer, your whole job revolves around creating content. And while you are still learning, you can use this tool. Additionally, you can spot your mistakes and improve side by side. Point 6 talked about writing as one of the major ways to improve your grammar. Once you write a 100-word essay, you can use the grammar checker to rate you as well.