How To Take Care Of Dandruff Problems

Heavy dandruff can occur either due to the too dry scalp or too oily scalp. One needs to keep their scalp clean in order to get rid of these white flakes. Buying number one dandruff shampoo and using them might help but one can also take help of some home remedies to cure dandruff problems.


These tables have some active ingredients which can keep white flakes in check. One has to take 2 aspirin tablets and crush them to make a fine powder of it. Then add this powder to your regular shampoo before putting it on your hair and scalp. Once the shampoo is applied well, one can rinse it off with normal water. Then again wash it well with plain shampoo.

Tea tree oil

One can buy a natural or herbal shampoo which has at least 5 percent of tea tree oil in it. This can significantly reduce the severity of dandruff. One can also use raw tea tree oil by adding a few drops of it in a regular shampoo before using. This can actively help in removing the white flakes.

Baking soda

In order to get an itch-free scalp one can use baking soda. For this, one has to wet their hair and then rub a handful of baking soda well on the scalp. Then wash it well with normal water after keeping it for 2 minutes. This baking soda can reduce the overactive fungi which can cause heavy dandruff. This process has to be repeated once a week until all the flakes are gone. Baking soda also leaves the hair soft and silky.

Dandruff Problems

Apple cider vinegar

This is another remedy for dandruff and the acidity present in apple cider vinegar changes the PH quotient of the scalp. This makes the yeast hard to grow back. One can mix a quarter cup of this apple cider vinegar along with a quarter cup of water and pour it in a spray bottle and then sprinkle it on your scalp. Then wrap your head with a towel and let the mixture sit in your scalp for half an hour. One can do this twice a week to get the best results.


If one is suffering from heavy dandruff attack then they can go for this. One needs to wash their hair with a regular shampoo and then rinse the hair well with an alcohol-based mouthwash. These mouthwash have antifungal properties and it helps in preventing the formation of dandruff forming yeast. But remember to wash your hair with a conditioner after you use mouthwash.

Coconut oil

This is a tried and tested a remedy for dandruff. Before going for a shampoo one can message 3 to 5 teaspoons of coconut oil into the scalp and then wait for half an hour. This can also make the hair soft and shiny. There is some best dandruff control shampoo which one can use so that the scalp remains clean and clear from the usual yeast formation.