The religious festival of Holi is full of happiness, colors and most importantly flavors. The joy of Holi is doubled when one cook and serve the sweetest, tastiest, delicious and nutrition rich traditions to their loved ones.


You cannot enjoy the maximum taste of Holi until and unless you’ve experienced the oil dip MavaGhujia. It is very crispy, occupied by the sweet taste of Khoya, dry fruits and some amount of crushed coconut. This is a must make a recipe of Holi. This recipe has been tested time and again, still, no Holi is complete without MavaGhujia.


This is a type of delicious drink which is being made with the help of parched fruits and different flavors of saffron. Use Uber eats promo code to get the best deal to buy Holi drink to get delivered to your doorstep.

Gajar Ki Kanji

Though very traditional still the use of carrots in sweet dishes is the most interesting ingredients to be used. It is also a typical type of drink, people on the day of Holi the taste of Gajar Ki Kanji. People who are busy enjoying with their families order can order it through swiggy from any nearby restaurant. Using Swiggy discount coupon,you can get a good discount on your orders.

Bread ke Dahi Vade

Another must be made the recipe on the eve of Holi is Dahi Vade. The white bread is saturated in yogurt and served with a variety of flavors of chatnies. One must try this recipe in Holi if he is yogurt, bread combination lover.


These are the type of typical sweet luddos, considered as one of India’s perfect Mithai. It is made up of til along-side Khoya. It has the perfect combination any sweet dish would have.


BhajreKaHalwa is the combination of coconut, parched fruits, and wheat flour. This recipe is made in a comforting manner, pleasing everyone in Holi.

Aloo Bhujia

These are some saturated snack made up of potatoes and chickpea flour. This recipe can be served with Dhodh-Patichaye in the first meal of the day.

Gond Ke Ladoo

These are special types of Ladoos, the recipe is quite complicated and these are made after hard work on the formula of making these typical Ladoos in Holi. The interesting ingredient used in making this Ladoo is a “Gum”.

Moong Dal Halwa

You need a special chief for making this sweet, rich and full of parched fruits desiHalwa is everyone’s desire. For making this halwa, one needs to know the right way to add the required ingredients in a reliable way.


These tiny balls which are dipped in condensed milk. The milk has the flavors of Cardamom and Saffron. It is a delicate sweet dessert which can make you dance the whole day of Holi. One can also order it by simply applying through Swiggy promo code to get a good deal and your fascinating AngooriRasmalai will be delivered to your doorsteps.

PartiMathri or Nimki

This recipe of Holi is served some days before the start of Holi. PartiMathri is a crunchy and crumbly snack.


It is a type of desihalwa made up of Luki/ Pumpkin. A special dessert which you would love to serve to people on the occasion of Holi.


People living in the south-Asia will have surely tasted the variety of Kheer. This distinct kheer is made up of cauliflower with some amount of rice and milk. People tasting this delicate recipe has always admired its uniqueness.

Aloo Matar ki Potli

It is a simple recipe snack which you can serve to your guests on the day of Holi. This is a type of crunchy peeling coating which is jam-packed with flavored potatoes and peas.


This is a rich meal which you can serve to your guest at the end of the meal. It has a beautiful combination of parched fruits and Kesar.


A very delightful Holi’s dessert, which is made up of milk, Saffron and baked foxnuts.

Beetroot Halwa 

This is a special dessert which is full of nutrition of Khoya, milk, parched fruits, and Beetroot. You can have the delicate Beetroot Halwa after being tired of the enjoyment of Holi.

Badam Ki Kheer

This is another Special Indian dessert. It is made up of almond, saffron, and milk. It can make your holi beautiful and tasty. You can order it by swiggy promo code to your home and serve it to the people you love.