Pregnancy Kick Counter can be a wonderful phase in the life of a woman. It can be more exciting if it is done with utmost care. You need to keep a watch on your baby movements so that it can help you to check the growth of the baby.

Check the growth in easy way

A pregnancy kick counter can help you to have a watch on the baby movements. Many of the doctor’s advice to take this as it is very accurate and result oriented. In the third trimester, it is very important to check the baby movements as this is the phase where the baby will grow fast. You need to keep an everyday record of the movement of the baby so that you can track the growth. This is the easy and reliable way in which you can see your baby growing.  This is an addition to regular visits to the doctor.

This is the reliable way

Baby kick monitor can help you to track the growth of the baby.  As and when you reach the third trimester you need to have a watch on your baby movement. You need to check the movements carefully. In the whole day, you need to get at least ten baby kicks and it says the baby is safe and sound. You can test it after breakfast or lunch. If you feel the baby kicks are less then you need to go to the doctor.

Pregnancy Kick Counter

The kick count is important

The kick count is very important as it talks about the well-being of the baby. There are many free apps that can be downloaded in order to count the baby kicks. You need to count the baby kicks every day and the time has to be the same may be morning or after lunch. You need to select a time when the baby is most active, maybe a morning or after you eat smoothing.

How that works

You need to lie on one side after you eat something in the morning.  Each of the baby movement will be counted as one kick. You need to keep it recording on the app with the button. You need to keep counting ten times. It depends on your baby how much time it takes; it may take a few minutes or even a few hours.  You need to keep the records in the app so that you can check the kick history.

Know what is normal

You need to understand what is normal in case of your baby. If the normal is changing then there may be a problem. In such a case, you need to contact the doctor. You can also show the history to the doctor while you go for the regular check-up.

Understand your baby and see how active it is. You also have to keep in mind that every baby is different and so is every pregnancy. Just get the best kick counter and have a safe delivery.