In this article, we will guide how to boost up the speed of your existing WiFi network. Internet Speed  Well, understanding the WiFi speed of your device can help you to get the highest internet range ever. The Internet has become an essential part of human life, without it nobody can complete the process of NETGEAR Extender Setup, watch videos/ movies online, play games, downloading stuff etc.

The speed of the internet can be optimized by applying the following ways.

  1. Use an Ethernet cable

You can increase the speed of the internet by improving your hardware devices. Wireless internet would be the reason for poor connectivity. In that case, making use of an Ethernet cable instead of a wireless network could be better. Moreover, the big reason that causes the least poor connection is the interference caused by unauthorized/ unidentified traffic.

The use of an Ethernet cable is meant for completing the process of New Extender Setup. You just have to connect your computer with it and leave the rest process on

Go through NETGEAR Extender Manual Guide once for default details of username and password for login.

Internet Speed

  1. Upgrade your Router

The old version of the router may suffer from outdated components that may limit the access of data you are paying for. In that case, we would like to suggest to you, update your router timely. The old version of routers is also caused by poor connectivity. Also, remember that the process of WiFi Range Extender Setup cannot be done if you are using the old firmware of the router.

  1. Evaluate your Modem

It is also very important to use the latest firmware of modem as of router. To get the high-speed of internet everywhere, you have to first connect your modem with the router. After that, you can move the router to its intended location. Let us suggest you the best place for the router. It should be placed at the center location of the house way from doors, walls, windows and the reach of neighboring WiFi devices.

  1. Reboot the Frequency of Router and Modem

Upcoming and running technology for the long duration of time may create a backlog of errors, notification, etc. Similarly, it can also damage the device from continuous usage. Though this isn’t guaranteed to improve the speed of your existing WiFi network, rebooting your router once in a week can have a noticeable improve internet speed.

  1. Judge the Position of your Device

As we have already discussed, use of an old version of a computer or any other smart device can harm your internet speed and result in outdated and poor technology, inadequate processing power, error login and insufficient RAM. A new version of the fully updated device is the only way to improve the internet speed.

Internet Speed

  1. Change location of your Wireless Devices

Moving of your smart devices like computer, laptop, smartphones, etc may increase the strength of your internet/ signal connectivity. Moreover, furniture, walls, metal appliances, treadmill, microwaves, or any other household items might be the reason for interfering with your WiFi signal. Remember, sometimes a small move can make a big difference in the improvement of the internet and its speed.

So, locate your router at a high place or shelf away from heat and interference creating obstructions.

  1. Disable all WiFi devices except your own

If other family members, relatives or a guest make use of the internet at the same time, the maximum speed of internet individually provided to you will definitely be divided among several users. An error message often appears while logging into mywifiext due to a slow internet connection. If you leave the details of SSID and password as default, the unidentified people can steal bandwidth from it. This would also be the big reason for a slow speed of the internet.

To get rid of such issues, change the login details that are set as default soon after the process of configuration. The network name supposed to be about 8 characters and password of about 16 characters. Change the login details frequently.

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