Ever since Hubspot coined the term Inbound Marketing in late 2005, the marketing scenario has witnessed a significant transformation. Inbound marketing unlike other marketing techniques is based on the concept of engaging consumers and expanding the target audience base through creating good quality content and adopting strategic means like email marketing. It follows the following chronology:

  • Attract quality and relevant traffic;
  • Convert the right customer with a call to action, landing page
  • Close the leads at the right time using emails or calls.
  • Delight your customers with follow up emails, calls to retain the existing customer base.

But the unrealistic expectations of the consumers and marketers have to lead to the generation of many baseless misconceptions. Keep reading to know what are some of the common inbound marketing misconceptions, believing which can stop you from utilizing inbound marketing to its full potential:


  • It is not for every industry:

Every industry can benefit from inbound marketing. If you are of thinking that your industry’s structure does not require inbound marketing, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. A business that manufactures or sells products to a particular market segment would need inbound, marketing to drive results.

  • It was a significant amount of time: 

Implementing effective inbound marketing techniques is undoubtedly time-consuming, but the return on investment for the resources you put into inbound marketing is unprecedentedly high. ROI, unlike time, is an essential success measure metric.

  • It generates instant result:

No remarkable success happens overnight. If you think that you can throw away all your traditional marketing techniques overboard and implement inbound marketing, you will get a result overnight; then you are wrong.  You must consistently create premium quality content to let inbound marketing effectively work. With continued efforts and passing time, you will observe a significant increase in social media following, lead generation.


  • Consumer perceives email marketing as spammy:

This misconception is born out of the fact that most of the businesses tend to lack the empathy, under the pretext of revenue generation and flood consumer mailbox with irrelevant mail. If you deliver highly relevant and targeted information to your contact by doing a proper segmentation of various aspect, you can dramatically enhance your inbound marketing output.

  • Impossible to measure the ROI count:

This misconception has stemmed out of ignorance. Many businesses are unaware of the fact that although measuring exact value is difficult; several different tools can help you keep a tab on your investment. For example, content optimization system can assist in maintaining a record of every single penny that goes into an inbound marketing campaign and is converted into leads be it through social media posts or media outreach. Develop a useful inbound marketing technique without paying any heed to such misconceptions. If you are looking to enhance your inbound marketing strategy and output, we suggest you hire a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Agency that will help you attract ideal consumers through effective inbound website designing, content marketing and devising more such inbound marketing schemes.