Add These Stylish Tops in Your Wardrobe

How many types of dresses do you have? Do you like to look good and different? If you want to bring a touch of style and charm in your looks then you should go for tops. There are different types of options out there that can be apt for your body shape, weight, and even height.  No matter you are fair or dark or dusky; you can find tops that are ideal for your frame and looks.

Don’t think too much about how and from where because the platforms like have everything stored for you. You can find a great amount of merriment and liveliness in the tops that are absolutely stunning, elegant and comfortable. Anyhow, the following are a few of the tops that you should own for a style statement.

Peplum Top

It is kind of ladies tops having flared around the stomach line that helps hide the bulge. Peplum tops are certainly a rescue to every pear an apple shaped body and look perfect in an hourglass.  You can wear these tops with pencil skirts and straight jeans. You can win the spotlight with these during dinners, evening events, and parties.

Peplum Top


These tunics are loose fitted top that falls to your hip and possess the cut of an Indian Kurti. These tops can be worn as both formal and casual wear depending on the type of fabric it has. For example, viscose and cotton tunics can be worn as casuals whereas georgette tunics are for the formal times.  You can wear it with denim or even well-fitted jeans. You can team it with skirts too.

Ruffled Top

Ruffles are in the season all over. Since the name says these tops have ruffles and it is mostly on the front and arm area. Ruffles are certainly here to stay. Since the designers and manufacturers are experimenting every now and then; they are trying ruffles all over the tops. And believe it or not; ruffles anywhere in the top look really elegant and bubbly. You can wear them with jeans, jeggings or even shorts.

Empire Top

Empire top or the baby doll tops do cater the impression of an hourglass. The top has a cage that curdles the ribs and extends to a widening at the bottom. Itdoescoverthe unwelcome bulge around the waist. You can team it with a pair of skinny jeans and you will go vibrant.

Empire Top

Wrap or Cross Over Tops

It is the top that caters a comfortable wrap in the front showcasing a stylish elegant appearance. Crossover tops appear really amazing on tall girls having a well-balanced shoulder. You can wear it with a long plain skirt or a tiered skirt or simply with spreading pants and heels.

Off-Shoulder Top

These are the tops that you might already be having in your wardrobe right? These tops give you the ease to flaunt your gorgeous and smooth shoulders. Just like the ruffles tops, these Off-shoulder tops have taken the fashion arenas by storm.  These are, undoubtedly, the current trend of the world and can be worn with jeans, jeggings, or even skirts. These look really stunning and hot.

Thus, this season you should go for for all your top requirements. You will surely end up making your wardrobe fulfilling.