A Look At The Importance Of Transcoding In Video Streaming

With the advent of smartphones, the popularity of video streaming has risen dramatically. Although streaming videos was a popular choice in the earlier times, the mode has been bolstered with smartphones popularity and decreasing bandwidth costs.

If you are in the industry of streaming videos online, then you have probably come across the term, “video transcoding.” This post looks specifically at all you need to know about the concept and benefits of video transcoding.

What is video transcoding, exactly?

You can make use of video encoder software for transcoding your videos. However, to make use of any software, you still need to clear your basics. There are various things that you need to understand and do, and here is what you need to know.

Video transcoding is also known as video encoding. This form of coding converts the media files such as movie data files. The coding helps you to convert three elements at once and the elements are:

  • The audio
  • The video
  • The file format

The primary function of coding is to help the file become readable in various devices. For example, if a device does not support the media file, or is low on storage, transcoding will reduce the size of the file and aid the device to run it, think about going from WMV to MP4. Additionally, coding is used to help a device run obsolete files or data on the devices which do not support the original file.

The Importance Of Transcoding:

It is critical to understand why you need transcoding before you make use of video encoder software. To help you understand this, think about streaming live from a place. So, if you are streaming from, say your room or an office, you would most probably use your computer’s inbuilt webcam. Most of the webcams function with the help of Adobe Flash and give an output of Speex audio with 1080p H.264 video.

Your live stream will be delivered to your viewers, without a doubt. But you will most definitely face the following problems:

  • Those with insufficient data will be stuck in the buffering cycle. This is due to bandwidth issues.
  • In order to render your Speex audio, most of your viewers will need to watch your stream with the help of Flash Player on their computers, which means you have already excluded all of those who are viewing your stream with lower data speeds and on their smartphones.

So, in other words, your viewers can view the video that you stream. But you can count those who do not really own high-speed internet and are viewing from their smartphones. To make sure that you can reach out to all of your viewers, you will need transcoding.

Advantages Of Transcoding:

Transcoding helps you not only to convert the video files, but also to help you manage the frames and the bitrate of your videos. And this is done while converting Speex audio to AAC audio. The use of transcoding allows you to practically reach just about any screen on the planet and helps you reach out to every viewer without any technical problems.

A video, be it a live stream or a recorded video, begins with your particular device. Furthermore, you need to understand that the device that you capture your video with, the format is limited to its capabilities. To make your videos more user-friendly, you will need to make use of encoding software, which will help you convert the video in a viewable form.

The essence of video transcoding allows you to change the format of the video and the audio to allow any device to support it, be a tablet, a computer or a smartphone. Video transcoding works on two levels, the first step is where the original file is converted into an uncompressed file. The second step involves converting the uncompressed file into the target format.

To Conclude:

All in all, video encoder software allows you to create videos and files that are visible to everyone, regardless of the device they use. The improved outreach of the media file delivers exceptional outcomes as the videos would now be viewable across multiple platforms and devices. Get a cloud video transcoding service integrated into your business and see your user engagement reach new heights of success.