Modern technology is working hard to make work fast and smooth for the web designers these days. It is tough being a designer especially when you have to cover so many clients at the same time. You need to work hard with your team as everyone is looking for a nice and productive website. Therefore, trying to work with some of the chrome extensions prove to be quite necessary for the entire web designing group out there. It is the easiest way to get your job done smoothly. But before you choose anyone, try checking out for the 7 most popular and feature-loaded Chrome Extensions for Web Designer right now.

  1. Shift-Click:

Now, thanks to Shift-Click, you can actually save a lot of time. This tool is primarily designed to extract images and create some shorter forms of URLs with simple shortcut, <SHIFT> Click. It prevents any useless UI from capturing your browser’s space.

  • Through this tool, you get the chance to extract and share images quickly from an existing website.
  • All you need to do is hold the “shift” button and click the desired image for procuring instant access to a shareable link to the image, with its color palette, resolutions and file type.

If you want, you can easily grab some background images without digging through inspector tool all over again.

  • Shift-Click2.WhatFont:

As web designers have to inspect webpage fonts on a constant basis for checking on the font size as used or certain text, the WhatFont extension is quite promising. It helps the website designers to see the name of the actual font and even its colors.

  • You get the opportunity to click on any text section to know more about its weight, a value of RGBA or Hex, font style, line height and the font family.
  • Trying to add that chrome inspect window at browser’s bottom might throw things off a bit.

Therefore, able to procure information without using the entire inspect window is like a blessing and easier than before!

  1. CSS Peeper:

There are multiple program packages available for designers. Among the lot, CSS Peeper is used for extracting CSS code as a nestling in the website. Without trying to dig through code pages, this extension can be used for exporting hidden assets, check on object properties and more. Sometimes, you can use Stylebot for manipulating CSS straight from an interface and get to download some of the other styles of users.

  1. ColorZilla:

Another simple yet essential program designed for the designers has to be ColorZilla with its main feature of the color picker. It helps in grabbing a shade from any notable webpage and provides you with the best Hex or EGB code for pasting into your chosen program. It has some of the best features incorporated in the list.

  • Gradient generator
  • Color editor and picker
  • Palette viewer

This major chrome extension is widely used by WordPress Website design professionals, especially those trying to grab colors off the websites real quick.


  1. Check My Links:

Nowadays, it is quite easy to mistype URLs. So, if the clients need any kind of help with current websites or trying to create one from the scratch, Check My Links happens to be a perfect option for all the web designers out there. Such extension helps in scanning webpage and start looking for some broken links. You don’t have to check the services yourself and avoid being in such a hassle. UI is rather intuitive, and this extension to turn broken links on actual page red and the valid ones will turn green.

  1. OneTab:

With the help of OneTab, you can actually reduce the memory used for by just condensing open tabs into a proper list. It is perfect for keeping multiple tabs at one time and without any trouble to sift through all of them just to get hands on the one you like. If you need to access those tabs, OneTab will restore those individually if asked for, or all at once.

Whenever the tabs are in the proper list, you get the chance to save around 95% of memory as you reduced the tab numbers opened in Google Chrome.


  1. Gravit Designer:

One of the fastest chrome extensions widely used by web designers is Gravit Designer. It is quite easy to start working with artboard sizes, presets for blog-based graphics, communized print dimensions, and some social media graphics. It is also termed as vector-based design apps, which will make all sorts of scalable resolutions of independent design quite smooth. It has some obvious features into it like rotating, flipping, drop shadows and alignments, to name a few.

These are 7 of the top-most chrome extensions, which website designers are eyeing for. If you want to use any of them or all, just go through the features first. Check if the extension suits your project before using it.

About Author:

Linda Waster is a WordPress expert, who keeps writing about the latest development techniques such as convert HTML to WordPress platform, WordPress cms customization, WordPress Plugins development, error solution and much more.