6 Important Things To Know About Wireless Routers

As technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, network routers are gaining more popularity all over the world. Wireless Routers Almost every homeowner has a router installed on their network. In terms of performance, dozens of new features have gradually added to these devices. There’s hardly any home chore you can do without using a router e.g. new extender setup can only be completed with the router. Even the internet also depends on advanced routers to manage traffic flow from or to your ISP. In this post, we will shed some light on amazing things you probably don’t know about routers. Let’s explore every nook and cranny of this useful network device.

  1. Routers and modems are two different devices

In spite of the fact that routers and modems are commonly used system peripherals, yet most of the people are unaware of their functionality. Both devices are the same in terms of looks, but they serve a different purpose. However, it is pretty simple to understand their functions.

A router connects many networks and transfers data traffic between them while a modem serves as a bridge between the internet and your local network. In some cases, they may be merged to form a single device though they are two different entities.

Wireless Routers

  1. Schedule an internet curfew

At times, saying ‘turn off your smartphone and go to bed’ is not sufficient to stop your child from web surfing in the night. Well, if you own a router then you can use it to schedule an internet curfew for your kid. You are able to assign schedules to a particular device so that your kid can’t browse the internet during wee hours. In order to do so, users have to go to the web administrator page of their router i.e. mywifiext.net.

  1. Routers do support wired connections

There are a few routers which provide support for only wired connections. On the other hand, home broadband routers or access points are usually called wireless routers. Some routers come with an embedded Ethernet switch as an ideal feature.

  1. Firmware updates can extend your router’s life

Router vendors introduce new versions of firmware from time to time. So, it is important to install them as they come with various bug fixes and new security features. Users can download them from mywifiext.net or manufacturer’s official website.

  1. Block particular websites

Parenting is the toughest job of all and since you care for your child’s security, it is obvious you turn out to be a little too much caring sometimes. But you can’t monitor their online activities 24×7, can you? That’s where Netgear routers step in. You can block specific websites so that your kids can’t access them. For this purpose, just go to Netgear login and enable website filter tool.

  1. Create a guest WiFi network

Having a large friends circle is fun but now each of them has a Smartphone or tablet. And it can put a real strain on your network to keep everyone connected with your WiFi. This will also reduce the bandwidth for the connected devices you are using to stream movies, download applications, and much more. In this case, it is recommended to use your router to create a WiFi network for your family and friends. To do so, open a web browser and go to the router configuration page. But sometimes, users stuck with mywifiext.net not working error. In order to get rid of this, you can take help from technical experts via a phone call or an email.

So, these were some hidden features of routers which you should know to make your network trouble-free. We bet you have learned a lot of new things about this most useful device on your network, haven’t you?