If you are a working person or simply study, know that you have a lot of energy expenditure per day. ENERGETIC If you feel drowsy or low on energy during the day and have difficulties feeling attentive and waking up, they know there are certain things you are doing wrong and that your days aren’t starting off well. It’s vital to measure your energy expenditures.  If you have a very tiring job and you work constantly, you must keep your energy level on the right point. The first and foremost thing that you must do to keep yourself energetic throughout the day is very obvious and that is to maintain a proper sleeping schedule and to take proper sleep. Without you taking the proper sleeping hours, you will feel drained and tired throughout the day no matter what you do.

If you take the proper sleep hours but still tend to feel weary, there are some other things you can do to feel attentive and energy filled. Staying attentive is the most important thing because, without it, you cannot focus on your work and especially if you are a student, know that your brain activity during the day is really high and your body must have the proper energy to make it feel attentive in order to absorb and understand things better.  Whenever we complain about feeling drowsy, low on energy, and sleepy all day long, all we are told is to adjust our sleeping cycle and many among us to take the proper sleep yet they remain inactive. The sleeping cycle is not the only reason why your body does not stay as active as it should throughout the day. Here are 5 things you should do right after you wake up to stay at a high energy level.


1- Start off by drinking water.

Be sure to drink at least one class of Luke warm water after you wake up. Staying hydrated is directly related to staying attentive. If you are not able to wake up properly, drink some water and you’ll feel active instantly. Your brain needs water. Therefore, start your day the right way. However, do not go too crazy with it because you yet have to eat something and your stomach is empty.

2- Have a healthy, protein-rich breakfast with some caffeine.

Be sure to have a very healthy breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. Protein-rich breakfast is really healthy and energetic and through a healthy breakfast, your body will not build the excess and unnecessary fat. You can start your day with eggs and coffee or tea.
Caffeine will again make you feel awake. And breakfast will act as a fuel providing you energy throughout the day.

3- Exercise.

Okay so adjust the routine. Be sure to wake up at least early enough to manage exercising. Sitting all day long will cause fatigue. Don’t go too heavy with the exercise rather go for a lighter one, like walking, yoga or jogging. Some people have this misconception that exercise drains the energy. Light exercise will help you feel more waken up and yes, going for a walk early in the morning in the park will have a very positive impact on the brain and you will feel happier and lighter. Your body will feel super refreshed.

4- Take time to meditate.

Don’t over stress or overburden yourself. Spare some minutes to meditate. Meditation will help you judge things better. Whenever you feel drained, close your eyes for at least 3 minutes or so, and concentrate on nothing but how you breathe. This will release stress and will make you feel much better.

5- Go for herbal tea shortly after breakfast.

Now herbal tea is very healthy and beneficial for the body. Herbal teas can help you boost your metabolism and fix any digestive system problems that you might be facing. Digestion problems might also be the reason why you feel sleepy all day long. You can go for simple green tea. It does contain caffeine, but it is an anti-oxidant. It has more goodness and benefits to it as compared to a normal tea. Green tea is like an energy boost.



Energy basically means the number of calories that you take in per day. Your calories or the food you eat is packed with energy in its bonds. When you begin to chew, the bonds in the food are broken down and they release energy. This release of energy tends to provide your body with the necessary energy that it needs to do several functions and activities.  The TDEE calculator is important to stay healthy and active during a day. You might not feel it, but your body might get an illness or diseases if you do not keep a proper check on your weight and TDEE on and off.

TDEE value is also important to keep a check on the weight. If a person is consuming a very high amount of calories each day, this means that they have a higher chance of getting obese or overweight and vice versa. One of the prime reasons of why you might not be feeling healthy during the day and also active is because your total calorie intake or energy intake is either too much or either too less. Too much can cause obesity which might be one of the reasons why your body usually feels like resting, and underweight might be the reason why your body does not have the stamina to do the normal activities. So TDEE value is very important to keep a check on the health. The calculator enables you to calculate how much energy is utilized by your body to perform its daily functions and this provides you with a guideline to eat how many calories so you can avoid being obese.
The calculator asks for your gender, your age, your height in cm, your weight in Kg, and your activity level (sedentary and etc). if you do not know your height in cm, it provides you with a chart to convert units. Moreover, these are all the factors which influence the TDEE of a specific person.