We all know social media is everywhere nowadays. Be it a large or small business or non-profit organizations, everyone is investing their good amount of time and resources to be visibly present on all the social media platforms. With the increasing use of social media marketing, competition has considerably increased too. Here is when people create various social media marketing campaigns for reaching out more and more audience. But, not every campaign turns out to be successful. In this article, you will get to know about some of the common mistakes that you should stay away from while creating a social media marketing campaign.

  1. Diving in without any plan

Just like most of the things in life we do, it is extremely difficult to be where you want to be without a proper plan. Similarly, there are many businesses that commit the mistake of jumping into social media marketing without any research or plan. Since social media has become a vast ocean, you might feel lost if you don’t have a full proof plan of what you are executing. So, developing a social media marketing plan with a consideration of your brand image is just to make your working path clearer and more impactful.

  1. Aiming to Be everywhere:

With so many social media platforms that are available nowadays, it’s normal to be tempted to participate at each one of them. But, as we all have the limitation of resources and time, prioritizing the task is the only option to opt for. Furthermore, it’s best suggested to target only those social media platforms that seem to be relevant for your brand. Identify the social media space according to the audience you wish to reach out and not just everyone. This will help you use your efforts in the right place and for the right purpose.

  1. Focusing on sales rather than building relationships:

The main purpose of social media is to connect people with each other. Even if you simply post on Facebook or tweet, you should not sound like a salesman at any time. This will only make the audience feel disconnected from your content that you post. Your objective should revolve around producing some amazing and compelling content for your audience so that they can connect with you. The best part about social media is it supports visual content a lot. So, you should never compromise on the visual aspect of your social media posts. In case you have limited time, you can create social media content for your brand pages with the help free designing tools like Canva too.

  1. Using the same format:

You can easily fall into the habit of using the same concept or things over and over again because of a shortage of time. If you want that your audience keeps coming back to you, you will need to be more experimental with different tools and format of the content. You can post attractive videos or memes that your audience can relate to.

  1. Publishing similar information on your channels:

With the varying use of tools and formats that you use, it is very necessary to avoid publishing the same content or information across all the social media channels every time. If you do this, you might be putting your brand page at the risk of losing followers. This is because people get irritated if they get to see the same piece of information on every social media platform. So, you should avoid committing this mistake. Try to use a different type of content based on the social media network. For eg, long vertical images work great on Pinterest.

Always keep in mind that social media is a very crowded place. If you want your marketing campaigns to perform well, the best way is to keep yourself away from such mistakes. I hope this article helped you come across some of the common mistakes that you must avoid at all times while creating a social media marketing campaign. In case of any doubt, you can let us know through the comment section below. Thanks!