The mind-boggling array of products in numerous categories available literally at the fingertips with a range of associated offers make online shopping a beneficial proposition for any person. The convenience of buying with the simple act of scrolling down and tapping on your mobile phone has made these virtual marketplaces an integral part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle. These stores surely provide an easy way to save more money but do you know that some additional advantages can be extracted out of them by making minor adjustments to our approach towards the process. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Research Before Shopping

It will be fruitful to do some groundwork before making the purchases by checking out the prices and deals on items of your shopping list not only at every virtual marketplace but also in the nearest supermarket or at the local general store. The process of research may feel cumbersome but can be eased by logging on to comparison shopping websites which can be helpful in finding the lowest possible price for any commodity and the virtual location where it is available. Additionally, one also gets to see other alternatives for the desired item without spending any extra time. Registering with various e-retailers also helps as they keep updating you with information about the latest products and offers with some being exclusively for their members. It is a general sentiment that these internet based sellers offer better deals than brick and mortar establishments but you will be surprised at the low rates of some of the products in physical stores.

Research Before Shopping

2. Timing Your Buying

The scheduling of the shopping can also be an easy way to save more money and no, we are not talking only about sales. People generally wait for these limited period schemes to maximize the potential of their spent money but it can be done during other days also by simply being a little creative. Travel tickets can be booked well in advance before the holiday season starts or things like clothes can be bought during the off-season when the prices are low. Sale periods are excellent for purchasing the desired items but as most people want to buy similar products, a lot of customers remain unsuccessful in their endeavor, so the period can be utilized for getting grocery or other daily needs items at reduced prices. Keep track of these stores on days other than the weekend a lot of sellers roll out offers during weekdays to boost up the generally low transaction figures.

3. Favorable Payment Options

A customer can save some money even while paying for the purchases. Sounds incredible but in fact, it can be done very easily by just being alert before making the payments. Every online store runs a partnership program with one or more banks which provide extra benefits like cash back or additional discounts. Using the payment instruments of such entities can be favorable but it is advisable to check the details before buying as these schemes may feature eligibility requirements like minimum purchase or the offer being valid on specific products. Payment wallets have also become very popular with a few virtual retailers having their own such utilities and they usually incentivize their users with appealing money saving deals. Credit cards can also be a profitable option if used wisely for acquiring items that require deferred payments as most of these schemes usually charge no interest on the EMIs.

4. Exploit Additional Tools

The focus of a customer is usually on the desired item and most of us do not pay much attention to messages or emails promoting discount coupons or other such deals for online merchants. We can keep some extra cash in our wallet by avoiding this common mistake. There are numerous mobile apps and websites which give deals on shopping websites not only for products but also on a range of services from restaurant and travel bookings to educational courses. A cashback or additional reduction in the price can be availed by simply providing the online shopping coupon code at the time of purchase. All virtual retailers reward their members with redeemable points which are another good way to reduce the shopping bill.

Exploit Additional Tools

5. Think Out Of The Box

A few creative methods can also be employed for getting attractive bargains from these marketplaces. Turn the shopping cart in your ally in saving money by simply adding the things that you want to buy to it and leaving them there. When you do not check out the sellers send notifications regarding every price change related to the items on the assumption that you will buy the product. A useful feature of these websites is a wishlist that a user can create which can contain all the items that he/she wants to acquire in the near future and notification will be sent regarding every price change or offers related to the entries.


The seemingly limitless collection of such stores and the related offers necessitate the incorporation of all or some of these ideas in our shopping technique so that the experience is even more satisfying and rewarding while providing an easy way to save more money.

About Author:

Alok Singh is a Sr. Affiliate marketer at CashBenzo, a company that provides latest jabong coupons code for today. He is a passionate writer and loves to share deal and discounts tutorials for Online shopping.